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Deine Wegbegleiterin | Ramona Schrader

The take-home message of my own professional development is that at one point I realized:

If I do what I love doing, success will come all by itself.

Admittedly, it took me some time figure out what I love doing. But I’m absolutely convinced now that I found the right thing —because I love working with people. I’m totally motivated to coach people from different countries and backgrounds. I see it as my task to help them turn their dreams and wishes into reality, to deep dive into their career paths and coach them on their individual journeys.

Looking back, I can say that all the steppingstones on my career path brought me some benefit, even if at first it might not have seemed so.

When I graduated from high school, I greatly admired all those schoolmates of mine who knew exactly which job or career, academic or otherwise, they wanted to pursue. Thinking that my skills or talents — if I had any — were in the areas of languages and creativity, I decided to train and earn professional certification as a foreign language correspondent. Somehow, I already knew that I wanted a job that entailed communicating and exchanging ideas with people — so “correspondence” struck me as the perfect match. However, once I had my qualification and got a job, I was disappointed when I saw that I was translating user manuals for coffeemakers and the like into English and French.

After this initial experience, I “took off” professionally as a flight attendant. In that job, I met thousands of people and got more and more interested in the individuals I encountered. But all the passengers were gone far too quickly, and I couldn’t get into real contact with any of them, beyond “coffee or tea?” I realized that I needed the scientific approach and the tools of education, psychology, and social work to follow what had now become my heart’s desire: to become a professional trainer.

My academic studies, which included a focus on media education, suddenly pointed me toward providing training in the field of aviation, where new legal requirements had gone into effect. I obtained qualifications in 2002 and began training large numbers of pilots and flight attendants, mainly in crew resource management and all topics related to license retention in civil aviation. I also designed training and workshop programs for other trainers.

While working in the training area and corporate integration management, I realized that the individual ’s personal journey was what most intrigued me. In 2005, I learned about NLP (neurolinguistic programming). This method gave me the tools I needed to provide support tailored to people’s individual journeys, empowering them to develop new strategies and find solutions geared to their own

Since 2012, I’ve been living with my family, where I provide counseling and training sessions in professional and personal development. Every day and every moment that gets you to your next level is an inspiration to me. I look forward to getting to know you and be at your side to assist in your present journey.

The most beautiful moment will be when you’ve reached your goal.

Please feel free to contact me without obligation to find out which type of training best matches your needs.

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