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Neuorientierung | Deine Wegbegleiterin Ramona Schrader

is about activating your individual resources. We’ll leverage your skills and talents so you can progress on your path of personal development.

  • Do you want to (re)orient yourself because you haven’t found your career field yet or your business sector no longer exists, or you don’t like it anymore?
  • Are you looking for a sense of purpose in what you are doing?
  • Do you want to acquire or improve your personal development skills?
  • Are you planning to become self-employed?

I’ll support you in identifying your wishes and dreams und making them come true step by step. Together we’ll work out a plan so you can see what it takes to define a goal in concrete and constructive terms.

As I accompany you methodically, you’ll find that the solutions already lie within you.

Please feel free to contact me without obligation to find out which type of training best matches your needs.

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