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Persönlichkeitsentwicklung | Deine Wegbegleiterin Ramona Schrader

Personality development

First of all, personality development will make you aware of your personal character traits. Some traits may be more prominent than others, and they may also change over time. Personality traits include things like ambition, optimism, creativity, discipline, and so on.

Sometimes people consciously decide to make adaptations, but sometimes unfavorable circumstances or other outside influences determine the next steps on an individual’s personal path.

But the good thing is: EVERY crisis is also an opportunity, and it’s only when we face our fears and challenges that we experience growth.

If we want to grow on a personal level, we first need a keen sense of self-awareness. Only then can we start to identify and work on issues.

Personal development sessions may explore the following topics, to name just a few:


Strengthening your personal resources


Building self-confidence


Learning new strategies to respond appropriately


Cultivating a sense of self and capacity for resilience


Gaining independence


Improving time management skills


Changing habits


Dissolving inner beliefs that are personal roadblocks

My support will empower you to identify your own potential and (re)activate your individual capabilities. Along the way, you’ll come to realize that there are many options out there for you. Let’s get started!

Please feel free to contact me without obligation to find out which type of training best matches your needs.

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