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Bewerbungstraining | Deine Wegbegleiterin Ramona Schrader

It’s one thing to have professional application documents.
It’s another thing to out in the pool of applicants!

… and if you want to apply for jobs that don’t just pay the bills but are looking for a position that you find enjoyable and fulfilling – then we should get to know each other!

Have you always wanted to know what’s most important when applying for a job?

What can you do to make your application convincing and get invited to a personal interview? While your qualifications obviously play a role, the real secret to landing an interview lies in a well-written letter of application. In my experience, the crucial factor is to capture the reader’s attention and generate enthusiasm.

That’s why the job application training focuses on how to sell yourself in a personal, authentic, and professional manner.

You’ll learn

  • Which documents to submit
  • Which application trends you should be aware of
  • Which visual features score
  • How to design your cover page
  • How to write a good CV
  • How to deal with gaps in your CV
  • How to optimize your letter of application so it stands out
  • What kind of wording captures the reader’s attention?
  • How to be perfectly prepared for your interview
  • How to enhance the personal impression you make
  • How to successfully present yourself
  • How to prepare for assessment-center testing

… and much more about making the best possible impression on your dream employer.

If you’re not yet sure which direction your new path should take, please feel free to check out the “Reorientation” menu option.

I’d be very pleased to support you throughout your individual job application process.

Please feel free to contact me without obligation to find out which type of training best matches your needs.

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